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Why Strength and Conditioning is important?

Proper strength and conditioning allows an athlete to reach that next level. A gain in strength unlocks the opportunity for athletes to go from JUST GOOD to GREAT. But, this road is not for the average athlete. YOU must WANT to give that extra effort and COMPETE more than the athlete next to you and WORK HARDER than EVERYONE around you. Are you ready?


Prevents Injury

One of the top benefits of strength and conditioning is that it will help protect you from injuries. Our athletes are developed to with stand the day to day operations of an athlete. Making sure they have a solid foundation of strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and overall health to ensure injuries will be avoided.


Become Stronger

Our program not only makes you stronger, it also makes you more explosive and faster. A gain in strength through the proper regimen leads to an overall increase of force production. An increase in force production will then lead to higher jumps and lower sprint times.


Field Performance

As our athletes develop through the use of strength training, their performances on the field will also develop. Through the proper exercise and program prescription we can see a direct transfer to on field activities. Our athletes experience faster pitch speeds, higher exit velocities, faster 60 yard times, as well as increase in field capabilities.

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